Jewell Area Development Enterprise,Ltd.  (J.A.D.E.)
Address:  PO BOX 475, Jewell IA  50130

Organization Board Members: 
Rich Beers, Debera Fish, Bruce Johnson, Melissa Kelley, Ann Marcalus, Fred Marcalus, Carroll McLuckie, Mellissa Roethler, Danny Waugh, Jeanne Wintermote
Officers:  Carroll McLuckie – President & Treasurer, Rich Beers – Vice President, Bruce Johnson - Secretary

E-Mail:  about:email
Organization History: 

J.A.D.E. was originally incorporated as the Jewell Community Club on April 5, 1973, under Section 36 of the Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act.  The Articles of Incorporation were amended on June 3, 1982 and the name was changed from the Jewell Community Club to Jewell Area Development Enterprise, Ltd.  In 1993, J.A.D.E. became part of the Iowa Main Street Program through a county wide membership through Hamilton County S.E.E.D.  See more about Hamilton County S.E.E.D. at  JADE has been an active participant in the Iowa Main Street Program and has won nineteen Iowa Main Street Awards over the past twenty years.  More information about the Iowa Main Street Program can be viewed at
While JADE has sponsored or assisted with various events and activities in Jewell over the last twenty years, the past fifteen years have been devoted to building renovations on Jewell’s Main Street, business recruitment, and business support through various programs. 

Mission Statement:

The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:  to promote community development, to promote business and industrial development, and to promote residential development and further to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Jewell, Iowa.
Description of Organization:
Jewell Area Development Enterprise is an Iowa non-profit Corporation founded for the purposes of business improvement and community betterment.  J.A.D.E. primarily works to improve the business community through sponsored events to bring people into the business district, building renovations to prepare additional business spaces and improve our Main Street appeal, business recruitment to broaden the economic base of the business district, and grants or assistance services to facilitate business retention.
As a participating member of the Iowa Main Street Program, J.A.D.E. follows the patented Main Street four-point approach of Business Improvement, Design, Promotion, and Organization.  JADE Board Members and Jewell Volunteers spend time working in the four areas as mentioned in this paragraph.  Many hours of committee work occurs to make these four areas produce great results.

Organization Members: 

The J.A.D.E. Board members are all volunteers who were elected to the three-year board position at our Annual JADE meeting in February.  Each year we have dozens of Jewell Volunteers that help with numerous events.  Several dozen Jewell businesses support the work of J.A.D.E. through an annual membership fee of $150.

Membership Fee:

The annual J.A.D.E. membership fee to support Jewell’s economic development is $150.00.
Special Events:  J.A.D.E. organizes or supports the following events yearly
Main Street BBQ during Jewell Jubilee, Garage Sales (May and August), Small Business Saturday, Yule In Jewell, Living Window’s Displays


J.A.D.E. Business Members have access to the following programs and services:

R.E.G.E.N.T. Grant  is an exterior / interior building renovation and signage grant for JADE Business Members.
The Jewell R.E.G.E.N.T. Program will grant up to $500 (on a 50/50% match basis with the property owner) to each retail or commercial business, located in the business district, for exterior or interior building improvements.  (Example:  On a $750 project the building owner pays $375 of the costs and the R.E.G.E.N.T. Program grants $375).  Grants can be awarded up to $250 (50/50% match) for signage or business equipment/furniture for buildings in the business district.  The program funds are available until the pool of money allocated for the grant program is exhausted.  Projects must be completed within one year from the date the request is approved.  A maximum of $5,000 can be awarded to a property owner at any one location.  Once $5,000 has been awarded, a period of five years must pass, beginning with the date the first grant was awarded before future grants will be considered.
Projects that have accompanying Main Street conceptual drawings provided by the state Main Street Consultant and have not been granted funds previously by JADE will receive priority.  Purchases should be made locally if possible.  Labor, if performed by the property owner or close relative, is not a reimbursable expense.
2013 Regent Grant Form Download

P.R.O G.E.N.T. Grant is an individual business or group business promotion grant to encourage more business promotions.

The Jewell P.R.O.G.E.N.T. Program will grant up to $150 / single business or $50 per business for group promotion (on a 50/50% match basis with the business owner(s) for business advertising and promotion. The program funds are available until the pool of money allocated for the grant program is exhausted. If promotion projects are submitted for pre-project approval, approved project must be completed within three months from the date the project is approved in order to qualify for reimbursement. The PROGENT Grant is limited to one grant per year for a single business.  Businesses are not limited in the number of group promotions they can participate in during the year.  (Promotion credit for JADE must be included in all promotions considered for PROGENT Grant.)
Projects that have accompanying Main Street/S.E.E.D./JADE Promotion Committee consultation and have not been granted funds previously by JADE will receive priority. Purchases should be made locally if possible.
2013 Progent Grant Form Download
The Power of One:
Shop Locally - It Makes a Difference!
Dollars spent in Jewell help our community prosper. We all need to be reminded about spending money at home for merchandise and services. Items may sometimes cost less in larger town, but think of the REAL PRICE: Longer travel time, frustration while trying to find your item, sales associates who don't know you or your needs, hassles or red tape when making returns, placing orders, or writing a check.
Money spent in Jewell goes for wages, utilities, taxes, church support, school projects, donations to community organizations and events, plus much more!
Money spent in Jewell circulates throughout the economy, assuring that city services at top notch, property values stay high, and opportunities for further growth are available.

Jewell Welcome Bag:
Started in 2009, every Jewell business was encouraged to participate in a Welcome Bag designed for new members of our community. Anyone going to City Hall to start water or trash service will receive the Welcome Bag.  Profit, non-profit, and any service organization may include promotional materials they feel will draw people to their business, church, youth program, etc.  We are anxious for people new to our community to know what we have to offer.
If you would like to be a part of this Welcome Bag project, please contact Jeannie Wintermote at 827-5443 or Mischelle Hardy at 827-6194.

Access to Iowa Main Street Personnel and Services:
JADE Business Members have access to resources, services and personnel from the Iowa Main Street in Des Moines.
Hamilton County S.E.E.D. Office
All Jewell businesses can access the services of Hamilton County S.E.E.D.  Visit Hamilton County S.E.E.D. at

Jewell Area Development Enterprise is a public entity that works for improving the business community and for community betterment.  All Jewell residents and business owners are welcome to join JADE through memberships, through volunteerism, or through attending our monthly meetings on the third Thursday each month, 7:00 pm, in the community room of the Montgomery Memorial Library.  Alternate locations are announced in the South Hamilton Area Happenings column on the front page of the South Hamilton Record News.  JADE meets jointly with Jade Foundation.  The public is encouraged to attend.
For more information about J.A.D.E., its resources, or help that your business may receive, available business locations, and more, contact JADE at the following email address.  about:email