JADE Foundation 
Address:  PO BOX 475, Jewell IA  50130

Organization Board Members: 
Rich Beers, Debera Fish, Bruce Johnson, Ann Marcalus, Carroll McLuckie, Kenn Outzen, Danny Waugh

Kenn Outzen – President, Rich Beers – Vice President, Bruce Johnson – Secretary, Carroll McLuckie - Treasurer

Organization History: 
JADE FOUNDATION filed articles of incorporation with the Iowa Secretary of State on September 28, 1994.  The original purpose for the formation of a 501 (c) (3) organization was for the submission of two walking and biking trail grant proposals.
The corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  In realizing and attaining said purpose, the JADE FOUNDATION will:
A. Solicit and receive by gift, grant, devise or bequest, and to acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise, property, both real and personal, either as absolute owner or as Director thereof, and to manage and administer the same;
B. Make contributions, grants, gifts, and transfers of property, both real and personal, either outright or in trust, to any community service project or for the benefit thereof, or to or for the benefit of other organizations which are tax exempt organizations under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America, or acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto.
Description of Organization:
Jade Foundation is an Iowa non-profit, tax-exempt Corporation founded for the purposes of community betterment.  Jade Foundation primarily works to improve the Jewell community through sponsored events and projects for community betterment. 
Jade Foundation also is the fiscal agent for local donations for the Jewell – Ellsworth Trail Project and for the Hamilton County Bike Club.  Jade Foundation Board Members and Jewell Volunteers spend time working on projects and events to improve the quality of life in Jewell.  Jade Foundation also sponsors the Jade Tree Foundation which has done numerous tree plantings in Jewell public spaces over the last eighteen years.
Organization Members: 
The Jade Foundation Board members are all volunteers who were elected to the three-year board position at our Annual Jade Foundation meeting in February.  Each year we have dozens of Jewell Volunteers that help with numerous events. 
Any person who desires to foster, encourage, and/or promote community service projects and improvements in or near the City of Jewell may become a member of JADE Foundation.
Several dozen Jewell residents support the work of Jade Foundation through an annual membership fee of $50.

Membership Fee:
The annual Jade Foundation membership fee to support Jewell’s community betterment is $50.00.

Special Events:
Jade Foundation organizes or supports the following events yearly
Jewell Jubilee, Decorations in Waterworks Park, Annual Tree Show,
Past Accomplishments:
Jewell’s Jubilee Walking / Hiking Trail – In-Town-Loop, Waterworks Park, Main Street Planters and Waste Receptacles, plantings in Waterworks Park, plantings in Jewell’s City Park, plantings at South Hamilton Community School, plantings in public spaces within Jewell, private trees for residents.

Current Programs:
Jade Foundation is a public entity that works for community betterment.  All Jewell residents are welcome to join Jade Foundation through memberships, through volunteerism, or through attending our monthly meetings on the third Thursday each month, 7:00 pm, in the community room of the Montgomery Memorial Library.  Alternate locations are announced in the South Hamilton Area Happenings column on the front page of the South Hamilton Record News.  Jade Foundation meets jointly with J.A.D.E.  The public is encouraged to attend.
For more information about Jade Foundation, its projects or events, contact Jade Foundation at the following email address.
JADE Promotion Committee:
J.A.D.E. Promotion Committee offer organized promotions for the businesses of Jewell.
Some examples are Jewell City Wide Garage Sales, Night on the Town Progressive Dinner, Small Business Saturday, and Yule in Jewell. 

We also assist, when requested, promoting other J.A.D.E. activities such as Annual Meeting, Jewell Easter Egg Hunt, Jewell Jubilee, Annual Tree Show and Annual Home Tour.

The Promotion Committee is a great resource for assistance with J.A.D.E.  PROGENT Grant for questions, ideas, and guidance.

Jewell Area Development Enterprises
PO Box 475
Jewell, IA 50130