Parent Organized Sports Activities
Jewell has consistently excelled in the area of providing sports activities for our children. It can't happen without the tireless dedication of so many parents who energetically devote evenings and weekends towards training little ones (and big ones too!) some of the finer aspects of a wide variety of sporting events. 

We hope to keep this information as current as possible. If you have any changes, edits, or additional information, would you please email Chris Gunderson at
, or you can call Chris Gunderson at 231-3712. 

Many thanks to all for your hard work and dedication!! 
Sport                                                                Age Group                                           Contact Person                   

Baseball Little League                         3rd - 8th grades                                Wendy Rindels (515) 827-5869

South Hamilton Youth Soccer             Boys & Girls K-12                             Sept - Oct, Saturday games

Softball Diamond League Girls          3rd - 6th grades                                 Kristi Busch 515-836-4645 , Amy Klemp 515-836-4274
Swimming Lessons                                                                                         Jewell Pool (515) 827-5216

T-ball & Jr. Hawk Ball                           Boys & Girls K-3rd grades              Jill Moline 515-450-2145, Jeanelle Buseman 515-827-9040
Wrestling Mat Club                               K-6th grades                                     Coach Klemp (High School) (515) 827-5410